Robert's Week - 2

8th Jul 2011

This is me at the golf driving range. I like going every Friday because it gives me a chance to meet some of my friends. Other things I have done this week was going to Chesterfield to visit Brendan and David - they were not in, but I chatted with the ladies who work there - Vikki, Lesley & Angela, they were very nice. I then went for lunch with Gary, Ann and my new friend Jason who has just moved in. We then went back to Blythe Bridge, which was 103 miles. I have also been to the Disco on Tuesday and Thursday, where I play Bingo as well, and it gives me another chance to meet up with some more of my friends and also make some new ones. I have had a very busy week and I am shattered.

Images: Me getting drunk on J20, At bingo (I won £20), at the driving range