Keeley's Blog - Week 7

4th Jul 2012

Monday 25/06/12 – Meeting Mick Murphy today at the Capital FM arena to discuss NAPPI and training needs for NAPPI. A very nice cake on arrival which Mick had kindly bought, as well as the extra bonus of watching the Great Britain speed skaters train for the Olympics. We did focus on the task in hand and had a very productive meeting

Tuesday 26/06/12 – Wakefield open day today so off for a drink and to support the team that have worked so hard to get it all ready for the new service users. It`s always exciting to open a new home . Also received a call for an emergency placement today. It`s great to see the team pull together to accommodate and successfully move someone in crisis

Wednesday 27/06/12 – Head Office today to follow up on payments and calls. Also being accompanied by Tom and Susan who are kindly doing some shredding to help out the office staff. He drives a hard bargain as had to buy him breakfast and lunch!!

Thursday 28/06/12 SMT today. Pretty long meetings but it`s all positive and its good to be reminded at what an amazing team we have!

Friday 29/06/12 – Catch up day today, contacting Social Workers to inform of vacancies and chasing late payments - again.