Keeley's Blog - 9

16th Jul 2012

Monday 09/07/12 – Off to Head Office this morning to collect some stationary, ready for a marketing drive that I'm undertaking. From here I am off to Knollbeck to see how all the lads are doing

Tuesday 10/07/12 From yesterday`s visit I have made calls about possible work placements for Tony, as we seem to have come to a halt in new opportunities. I have received a call back for Hazel at Thorne Nurseries, who is prepared to meet me tomorrow to discuss possibilities. Finger`s crossed! 

Wednesday 11/07/12 – Off to meet Barry at Whitley then to Wakefield to see the new home and meet Hazel from Thorner nurseries. Progress at Whitley is fantastic and there is a big reduction in behaviours, all well at Wakefield a positive and excited staff team about the new home and service users.

Really good meeting with Hazel and plenty of opportunities for Tony and possibly other service users to embark on a gardening project

Thursday 12/07/12 – All 3 Leicester homes today, great progress at Kirby and some exciting developments in managing behaviours that have challenged the staff team. Oadby is doing well and Glenfield as happy as ever. Back home at 2pm to begin the big marketing drive, I have been calling round an hour each day and managed 68 new contacts - letters will be sent to all.

Friday 13/07/12 – Trip to Blythe this morning but having an early start as Ann has Tracy there today doing some management induction which i`m sure Ann will love!

From here back to work on this marketing as need to get letters sent today and then some monthly reports to catch up on ready to start a busy week next week!!!