Keeley's Blog

3rd Aug 2012

Sunday 22nd July 2012- Well it`s funday time and an early start. Still aching from my race for life 10k run yesterday but lots to set up.

Venue for 8am to get organised. It was a lovely sunny day with a few people (Vikki and Beth) getting rather sunburnt!! David, Lesley and Angela popped by and Arnold did a stall and helped me out with the car parking!

Agility display was good and Denzel took part and did really well, I dread to think what picture David has of me running round an agility course!.

A very long day as I didn`t finish packing away until 9pm!!

Monday 23rd July 2012 – Off to head office to meet Angela at 08:30am to hand over the monies over from the funday. There is a money tin with lots of change to be counted by the admin staff!!

From here off home to catch up with the mountain of emails!

Tuesday 24th July 2012 – follow up on marketing today and finalising monthly reports. A quiet day really but lots of progress made

Wednesday 25th July 2012 Glenfield today with Denzel Bailey for a PAT session, Due to the heat I am having an early start as he doesn`t like the heat. From here to visit Nottingham to see how everyone is.  

Thursday 25th July 2012 – SMT today so at head office most of the day

Friday 26th July 2012 - 8:30 start in Nottingham as interviewing with the delightful Mick Murphy today for the new NAPPI trainer position.

Some very good candidates so i`m sure it will be pretty close!