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17th Aug 2012

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Monday 30/07/12

Early start today as off to meet Mr Barry at Bridlington! From here off to visit the majority of homes in the Northern region and to finish the day we have a meeting at Wakefield (he may buy me lunch!?)

The meeting is with social workers from the area that have varying needs with regards to placing adults they are supporting

Tuesday 31/07/12

After a hectic two weeks a quieter day today. I am starting the day at 8am to take Denzel Bailey for a canine hydrotherapy session (he needs to keep in shape). From here I am over to Arnold to catch up with Allison and Rachel. At 12:30 back home to begin the task of catching up with countless emails!

Wednesday 01/08/12

A morning Pets As Therapy session with Denzel Bailey at the City hospital support group for parents of young adults with autism and Downs Syndrome.

After the productive day catching up on emails yesterday I then begin the monthly reports. 4 hours soon pass and I have completed 5 homes!!

Thursday 02/08/12

Balby first thing and then a visit to the Nottingham homes. Confirmation received of two placements that have funding approved this week so busy times ahead

Friday 03/08/12

6am start as off to Blackburn today

This is one of the longest drives for me however well worth it to see some fab service users!