Robert's Week

17th Aug 2012


It was good to see Brendan today!

I have been out a few times this week. Last Tuesday I went to the Disco, but I did not feel like going this week. I met my friends Amy and John we sat and had a chat I really enjoyed it. I had a J20 to drink - they are my favourites.

I have been down to the pie shop and the Post Office with Chuckles (the Boss) there I saw Ruth, she was pleased to see me as I have not been down for a long time. On the way back I went on the station and saw a multi-colour train but I did not want to go on it this time. Tthe Driver waived to me!

I went home for the weekend last week and mowed the lawns with my Dad and I helped my mum clean upstairs. I have sent you a picture of me cooking this week I always cook my lunch usually Pasta I love Pasta and Tuna. Well must go we are having a Barbecue and I love sausages and burgers as well.

Cheerio me ducks!