Keeley's Blog

24th Aug 2012

Monday 13/08/12

Nottingham today to visit Arnold, Hucknall and Watnall. From here an early finish 1pm (well at home anyway) in order to finish all the monthly reports.

Tuesday 14/08/12

Leicester today to visit Oadby, Kirby and Glenfield.

All are doing well and as always it was good to catch up with the managers!  I also called in to see the neighbours at Foxhunter drive (they do let me park my car and their drive after all and make a great cuppa!)

Wednesday 15/08/12

A morning completing the self assessment for the work I'm undertaking on becoming a NAPPI 'Centre of Excellence'. I under estimated the project and since doing the audit have proposed changes to further improve our training.

To do this piece of work I have yet again read to BILD Code of Practice!

Thursday 16/08/12

Having a day off today to do “family stuff”. The phone still rings 5 times and numerous emails are recived!!

Friday 17/08/12

Meeting Mick Murphy this morning as we are working together to look at induction training, NAPPI training and delivery along with other things. We scheduled 3 hours but looking at the list it may turn out to be much longer!!