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6th Sep 2012

Monday 27/08/12

Bank holiday so an extended weekend for me!  

Tuesday 28/08/12

Denzel Bailey had an early hydrotherapy session where he goes for a swim and a hot tub. It helps keep him in shape!!!

To Head Office for 9:30am, to collect our new restraint recording books. We have standardised our documentation although as our restrain reduction programme is proving so successful, I don't anticipate these getting much use.

It's part of the Clinical Governance Group's (CGG) remit to ensure we are ready to apply for the NAPPI centre of excellence accreditation, which includes evidence that we are actively reducing the use of restrictive physical intervention - we are!

Wednesday 29/08/12

Back to Head Office for 8:30am to collect a (very large!) new TV that I am delivering to Bridlington tomorrow morning; that will make me very popular!!

From Brid to Whitley to drop in on Mike and I`m sure I will bump into Mr Barry Price!!

Thursday 29/08/12

Early start for Brid today.