Robert's week

14th Sep 2012

Lately I have been very busy working.

I have been for a lot of walks and down to see Pam at the Paper shop.  We at the mansion have been enjoying Barbeques,  but we have had to pull down our Gazebo because of that terrible rain. When it’s raining I have been playing indoor bowls and on the computer looking up my favourite things like TV presenters. I have also been out for meals down at the Weathervane pub with my friends, but I forgot to take the Camera, never mind.

Our garden is looking lovely - we have cut down the hedge at the side and cut the flowers down, my veggies have grown but I have ate most of them myself so sorry none for you ha ha.  Me and my apprentice have built a pergola for Roy so he can keep dry when he has a smoke he loves it, he does, I have sent you some pictures of my garden and the Pergola I helped to put up and paint.

Well I must go now I am busy filing in a hole and feeling a bit hungry so cheerio me ducks see ya.