Keeley's Blog

21st Sep 2012

Monday 03/09/12

Busy day today as visiting Knollbeck, Balby and Wakefield for their monthly visits and then arranged for a team manager worker to view Wakefield. Looking good at Wakefield with interest growing in the homes and what they have to offer.

Tuesday 04/09/12

Marketing day today. From an email sent I have had a good response and have a couple of assessments to pass onto the regional managers! Busy times

Wednesday 05/09/12

Pets as Therapy session today at Glenfield as requested by the service users there. Then off to head office to have a couple of hours catching up with and hopefully reducing my to do list!

Thursday 13/09/12

Early start as off to Whitley for 8am (bumped into Barry) and then to Bridlington for their monthly visit to discuss behaviours that may need more support and also the good things that are happening in the home. From here to Scarborough for an assessment afternoon with NAPPI UK. (another project Heathcotes are involved in). Also a chance to check in with Mick and Emerson who are on the training. 

Friday 14/09/12

Returned from Scarborough at 1pm with numerous emails to catch up on before the weekend!