Blog - A Learning & Development Perspective

8th Oct 2012



This is the first of our weekly blogs from the Heathcotes Learning & Development (L&D) team.

Firstly, some introductions.  The team is led by our Learning Co-ordinator, Mick Murphy, supported by Emerson (Emo) Franklin, our Positive Intervention Trainer, with administrative support from Vikki Ward at Head Office in Chesterfield.   We are a relatively new team which hopefully brings a wealth of experience to the company as well as some fresh ideas.

Heathcotes has always placed a premium on ensuring that it’s employees receive effective training, in order to provide high quality support for people living at our services.  As the business expands, the L&D function continues to evolve, building on the achievements of those who have gone before us.

Our main focus presently is the provision of compliance and mandatory training across the organisation.  This includes the planning and delivery of internal learning events including Induction; Values Based Practice; First Aid; Moving & Handling – including People and Object Moving, as well as more service specific interventions.  With Emo’s recent appointment as Positive Intervention Trainer, we are moving ahead with a busy programme of NAPPI training, both for new staff, as well refresher workshops for more experienced supporters. 

To enhance our internal training provision we also work with external partners for the provision of work based qualifications (NVQs in old-speak) and more specialist distance learning packs.

The last week, as is often the case, has been a busy one for the Team.  Emo delivered a well-received course to our Blythe Bridge team in Stoke, as well as undertaking a number of service visits around the region.  Working together with Keeley Ward, our Behaviour Specialist, these visits help us to appreciate service specific challenges, and deliver some tailored learning solutions.

On a wider front, Mick attended key meetings with Heathcotes Person Centred Working (PCW) Group, Senior Management Team (SMT),  NAPPI Trainers  Group and Chesterfield College.  As a result of these, there are some exciting prospects in the near future including:

  • Agreement on learning outcomes for an internal  PCW course.  The first courses for service managers will be delivered in November, and rolled out to services in subsequent months.  This will help staff to think in a person-centred way and apply some common care pathway tools.
  • NAPPI Trainers Group.  Agreement was reached on standardisation and maintenance of processes to ensure we conform with BILD standards.
  • Chesterfield College.  Our preferred learning partner for work-based qualifications.  The college have agreed in principle to formulate a 1 year programme for Heathcotes managers to achieve a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management of Health and Social Care Services.  Proposal to be taken forward at next SMT.

In the coming weeks, our main focus will be drafting a brand new induction for new staff which we hope to launch on 5th November 2012.