Robert's Week

12th Oct 2012

It was really nice to see Brendan and David today, I was so surprised!

I also saw Keeley and I went to Mc Donald’s for a sausage and egg bap in her car . It was very nice duck and I brought a chocolate muffin back for staff and a banana for Chuckles.

I have been working very hard around the house with Trev, as all my friends have gone on holiday to Ilfracombe  in North Devon. I did not want to go - I wanted to stay at my home with Kev.

I have been to the Weathervane pub for a meal - in my picture I am at the bar ordering a drink off Danny my friend. I had gammon, egg and chips (it was lovely) and a J2O to drink. I chatted up the ladies and they were very nice. I did not share my gammon and chips though or my cheese cake with squirty cream - it was gorgeous.

I have been for walks down to see the trains they were multi coloured, and a walk to the shops to buy my TV mag and  goodies.

Well must go now working on the other computer writing a letter to my friend Jason.

Cheerio me ducks!