Robert's Week

6th Feb 2013

Rob here me ducks, hope you like my pictures.  I have made a face on my oatcakes and I am in my favourite car - a mini car. The weather is awful today duck, it’s snowing but I am warm and watching it through the window. Its freezing out there!  I am not going out I don’t like the wind, it nearly blew my hair away this morning!

We are fine at Blythe Bridge.  I have been working with Trev, painting and papering the walls. I did get a bit sticky duck but it does not matter, no it does not hee hee!

It is my birthday on Thursday and I am having a party at the Mansion.  Looking forward to opening my presents and eating my birthday cake my mum and Dad brought me. Sorry none for you, it will be gone, in my belly!  I am looking forward to our tea party on Saturday when my parents are coming; we are having scones and jam and fairy cakes, mmm nice duck.  I'll let you know how it goes!

Rob, me ducks.