Rob's Week

11th Mar 2013

Hello me ducks, Rob here.  Here are some photos of my birthday party.  I am doing the time warp dance, it was ever so good... staff were not good at it though!  We had lots of nice party food and I really enjoyed it lots - there was nothing left, we ate it all!  We had a tea party at the mansion, my Mum and Sister came with my Grandma and Him (that’s what I call my Grandad, he’s nice he is me ducks).  We made cakes and sandwiches for Dignity Day and I was talking to all the mums and dads, I had a good afternoon and I gave Mum some special flowers for her to take home.  I have been home for a weekend where I played on the computer and Dad went to football so he could not come to the party, shame duck.  Well got to go now, speak soon!  Bye me ducks.