Rob's Week

5th Jun 2013

Hi me ducks!  Just to let you know I have been doing my garden with Husnu; just look at my rhubarb, how its grown duck!  We will be having crumble soon with custard, that will be nice.

I have been working with Trev, my apprentice.  We have been putting boards up in the dining room to put on my favourite things on; I have put Lady Gaga on, she's pretty.

We are having a BBQ in June and I have asked my Mum, Dad, and Emma to come.  We are having bangers and burgers if the weather is fine.  We are all looking forward it we have been making lists of things we want for our BBQ.  We have been shopping at Tesco and brought some goodies!  Well, must go now, going to cook my lunch.

Taly ho!

Rob me ducks.