Rob's Week

18th Jun 2013

BBQ AND  lANDUDNO JUNE2013 125 620x412

Hi me ducks, Rob here.  I have been very busy, we have had a BBQ and all my family came, and it was lovely. We had burgers and sausages from the BBQ - Dan and Trev my apprentice cooked them. There was a lot of people that came and I really enjoyed it.  I showed every one my garden and how it has grown.

My Dad has been today to see me; I have given him some lettuce and radishes.  We sat in the garden, it has been a nice day.  I also went down to the shop today to buy goodies and I saw a train while I was down there at the station, it was a multi-coloured train.

I went home at the weekend and my mum and dad said I was a star, I even got to go on the computer. Well must go now I am going to water my plants with Miss Irene - cheerio me ducks!

Tally Ho,