Rob's Week

7th Nov 2013

Hey up me ducks, I’m back!  I have been busy with my apprentice doing lots of jobs; I have been busy in the garden with all my vegetables.  My beetroot is nearly ready and I have eaten all the onions while they were still like spring onions, but it does not matter me ducks!

I have been building our summer house and painting it, it looks really nice.  I have put up a scarecrow and a frog inside.  I sometimes have my lunch in there when I am working in the garden, until them wasps come and move me - blinking nuisance they are sometimes.  We have also had a wasps nest, but me and my apprentice soon got rid of that!  I am working on the computer today with chuckles.

Well hope to send some more soon; cheerio me ducks.

Tallyho, Rob.