Rob's Week

16th Dec 2013

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Hey up me ducks, Rob here!

I have been working with my apprentice Trev, we have been blowing the leaves and putting them in the bin.  There is lots more now the wind has blown more off.  It was hard work me ducks - we had to stop for a cuppa and a biscuit, and then we started again and then we did some painting!

My friend came to see me, his name is Kyle.  I made him lunch and we sat and ate it together, it was really nice to see him.  We had a long chat before he went back to his house.  My friend Jason had his birthday and we had a party, it was really nice.  We had cakes that I had helped to bake.

I have been doing lots of things including painting and making things for Halloween... whoooo scary, hehe!  We also did a jigsaw, it was really hard but we managed to do it.

I have been helping around the home, and this weekend we have put up are Christmas tree - its nice.  I am looking forward to going to see my family at Christmas.

Must go now busy, busy.

Tally Ho, Rob.