Emergency Placements


Heathcotes Care exists to provide high quality, person-centred residential services for adults with complex needs, learning disabilities and associated challenging behaviours, enabling them to make life choices, be socially included and to take a full and active part in their community.

Sometimes, a care manager will need to arrange a placement with us in an emergency; this could be because the service users’ current placement has broken down, or because of some other crisis situation. Heathcotes Care will strive to provide emergency placements when appropriate and reasonable and in the best interest of the service user.

Emergency placements can be for short, medium or long term stays; we prefer a placement to last a minimum of six weeks, to enable a full assessment of the individual and so we can make informed recommendations to the care manager about future arrangements that will best meet the needs of the service user. Regardless of length of stay, our aim is to work in partnership with care managers, families and statutory authorities to provide a placement that ensures a positive experience for the service user.


To arrange an emergency placement, the person making the referral should contact our Head Office on 01246 556 453; our administration team will make sure that referral documentation is available and will ensure that a member of our Clinical Behaviour Team makes contact with them to discuss the referral and agree a course of action; this will usually involve an emergency assessment of the individual requiring the service, which we will endeavour to carry out as soon as possible. This may or may not be done face to face, depending on the timescale the referrer is working to and the distances involved; if a face to face assessment is not possible, we will produce an interim assessment based on the information provided. At this point, we will advise if we are able to offer an emergency placement and give information about the homes that are available. The following information must be received, by fax or email, prior to any offer of a placement being made.

  • A completed referral form, containing all relevant information.
  • Full, formal risk profile, together with any additional information around risk.

Our commitment

We will produce an interim care plan within 24 hours of receiving the initial contact, enabling the emergency placement to commence; at that point, our primary concern will be to ensure that the service user is made comfortable in their new surroundings and is helped to feel settled and secure in the home.

We will ensure that a more substantive person-centred care plan is produced in partnership with the service user and members of their circle of support within 7 days of the placement commencing.

We will work with care managers to ensure that an individual taking up an emergency placement is seen for a formal medical assessment as soon as possible after their admission – the timescale being contingent on the ability to register with the local GP; this is a pre-requisite for an emergency placement.

We also recommend that the care manager carries out a formal review of the emergency placement within 48 hours of it commencing, to assess its suitability and ensure that the package of care is appropriate and beneficial; this is important to us, as we strive to deliver a positive experience for the service user.

Sometimes, an emergency placement will not be successful; this could be for a variety of reasons. Heathcotes Care will work diligently to identify any issues and resolve them positively; where this is not possible, we reserve the right to terminate an emergency placement within the first seven days. In such circumstances, we will always engage with the care manager in a professional and constructive way to make alternative arrangements.


Heathcotes Care will aim to produce outline fees based on the initial assessment, to ensure that the emergency placement can be commenced within the timescale required by the care manager; the outline fee may later be amended by agreement with the funding authority, based on the service users assessed need. The aim of this approach is to expedite the placement.

In normal circumstances, Heathcotes Care is committed to producing fee information using the Care Funding Calculator, if required by the funding authority. For emergency placements, this may not always be possible in the first instance due to timescales. Revised costings produced after the placement has commenced however, will always be produced using the CFC if the funding authority requests it.

Out of hours

To make an emergency referral to Heathcotes Care out of normal office hours (5.30 pm to 9.00 am) please contact our Clinical Behaviour Team on 07814 389 062.

Further information

For further information about making an emergency referral to Heathcotes Care, please contact our Head Office in the first instance, on 01246 556 453.