Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development (CDP)

Heathcotes is a lifelong learning champion, and recognises the skills that a diverse and experienced workforce brings.  Learning is seen as an essential part in career and professional development, and integrated into HR processes as part of the performance management process.  In particular, reflective practice is seen as key in transferring knowledge from the learning environment to professional practice, and the learning team work with operational managers to achieve this.  All support staff are expected to work towards a Level 2 or 3 Award in Health & Social Care if they have not already achieved this.  Additionally, members of our business services team are supported to achieve CIPD and ACCA accreditation through our partnership with Chesterfield College.  Service managers are expected to work towards a Level 5 in Leadership in Health & Social Care to comply with CQC Essential Standards of Quality and Safety.