NAPPI (Non Abusive Psychological and Physical Intervention)

Heathcotes staff support people with complex bahaviour needs, each of whom with a unique background and circumstances.  To enable staff to respond in a therapeutic, holistic and person-centred way, all receive regular training from our dedicated in-house NAPPI trainer, Emerson Franklin, and others from the Learning Team.

NAPPI was developed during the 1970s, originally in USA as a therapeutic and non-aggressive method for responding to people with particularly challenging needs.  With a methodology that has been developed and improved over the last 30 years, Heathcotes is a key partner with NAPPI UK and is accredited as a NAPPI Centre of Excellence.  NAPPI principles and ethos are integrated into the majority of Heathcotes support practice and procedures.

All staff receive initial training up to NAPPI Level 2, some to Level 3 if required.  All must attend annual refresher training which is normally tailored to the individual needs of the people they support

As the Learning Team’s Subject Matter Expert (SME) Emerson works in close partnership with the Behaviour Support team, identifying trends, operational needs, and monitoring how learning is effectively transferred into services.  Emerson has also delivered training directly on behalf of NAPPI UK.