Essential Standards

3rd Jan 2011

The CQC's new inspection regime is well underway, with 18,000 care homes now registered and all health and social care providers required to evidence their compliance with the new Essential Standards of Quality and Safety. The Heathcotes Group has hosted inspections at 9 locations since the process began and we are very happy to report that our results have been extremely positive - 3 locations have been adjudged to be 100% compliant, with no 'concerns' at any level, and where concerns have been expressed, they have been moderate and easy to resolve.

Barry Price, Regional Manager for Heathcotes in the East Midlands said, "The inspection process has been very positive - we did a lot of work when the Essential Standards were first issued, to make sure that we understood the new expectations and most importantly, that we were able to evidence our compliance; the best advice I can offer to anyone is that it's no longer enough to just say that you're doing something - you have to be able to prove it!"

Brendan Kelly, Head of Operations added, "We welcome any scrutiny of our services; we know we're doing a good job - our results demonstrate that on a daily basis - but we're always open to constructive criticism aimed at helping us to do even better; continuous improvement is our mantra!"

Below are a selection of comments from CQC inspection reports, full versions of which can be found on the CQC website:


Heathcotes Phoenix

  • People told us they were happy and liked living at the home, and they were very pleased with the home following the refurbishment.
  • We observed staff being patient and respectful, ensuring people's dignity and privacy were respected and maintained.
  • Families of the people we spoke to were positive about the care and support they received and told us that "staff are caring for my relative well, the staff member who is their key worker knows him very well and will be able to get him movitated."
  • We were told "they always keep in contact and there is good communication

Heathcotes Balby

  • A person told us "he liked it here". He could participate in activities that he chose in the home.
  • Someone else using the service told us she made her own decisions on what to eat, what to wear and what to do. She told us "It's lovely, I like it here". "staff are fantastic".
  • We observed people using the communal rooms to engage in activities with appropriate support from staff, and we observed that this was done with sensitivity and respect.
  • We observed staff taking time to listen to people's requests and taking time to respond to them.

Heathcotes Knollbeck

  • People told us that they liked living in the home and got on well with staff. One person told us, "Everything is all right living here; I get on OK." Another person said, "They've helped me a lot, but I want to leave and get my own place. Staff listen to me!"
  • People spoke about how they were respected
  • People told us about meetings they had attended to discuss improvements. A person told us how he appreciated being asked about how to improve the service.
  • We observed staff supporting and engaging with people. People were addressed with respect. Staff told us about how they offered support to people and we observed this was done with sensitivity.
  • Staff spoke to us positively about the provider's approach to their professional development. This included the National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) and other training specific to their personal development needs.

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