Heathcotes Improve Employee Benefits

15th Jun 2011

The Heathcotes Group recently announced to its employees that despite tough economic conditions, a raft of measures would be introduced that would increase both the pay and non-pay benefits on offer; a direct hourly increase was awarded to all support workers, together with a change to the way that incremental pay increases are awarded following successful attainment of an NVQ or other qualification. Brendan Kelly, Head of Operations, said “These measures will cost upwards of £80,000 per year to implement; we are pleased and proud to be making that level of additional  investment in our employees who are, after all, our greatest asset.” A further suite of non-pay benefits are to be introduced through the summer, further improving the Heathcotes offer to existing and prospective employees. David Harrison, Director of Heathcotes said “We want to attract and retain the best people; we believe that the measures we’ve taken will give us the best chance of doing that. I’m confident that there is no better provider to work for in the sector – we value our employees, we reward them appropriately and we provide extremely high quality training and development so that those people who want to get on, can. Simple!”

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