Getting healthy, having fun!

18th Oct 2011

Residents from Heathoctes Hucknall and Heathcotes Arnold have been getting on their bikes to get fit, and learning more about cooking and preparing healthy food choices.

Adnan and Andy are proud owners of new ‘shiny wheels’ bikes - they have been very active and doing lots of cycling with their new purchases. They have also been spending time polishing and shining their new wheels. Both have been taking part in an active challenge to become more healthy in a fun and interesting way - there's more to exercise than hitting the gym!

Adnan, Andy and Marilyn also took part in a ‘Cook and Eat Course’ - they enjoyed cooking healthy meals and passed with flying colours, all receiving an apron and a certificate to mark their achievement.

Adnan said, "I love my new bike - I can get around more, keep fit and have fun at the same time - it's great!"

Allison Stafford, Registered Manager of Heathcotes Hucknall said, "It's great to see the guys being physically active doing something that they wanted to do - let's face it, who wants to stare at a wall running on a treadmill or exercise bike, when there's so much more fun to be had cycling around the local area."

Brendan Kelly, Head of Operations for the Heathcotes Group and a keen cyclist, added, "There's nothing more satisfying than getting to somewhere you want to be under your own steam - cycling is a wonderful way to get around, keep fit and see more of your local area than you would by whizzing past in a car."

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