Intensive Interaction Training

22nd Dec 2011

At the Heathcotes Group, we're always keen to ensure that our people have opportunities to develop themselves, both professionally and personally. Jodie Westmoreland, Registered Manager at Heathcotes Balby is the latest beneficiary of this approach, attending a 6 week course on Intensive Interaction; Jodie shared her thoughts on the course:

"For the past six weeks, myself and Richard McGill (manager at Heathcotes Wakefield) attended Intensive Interaction training through Wakefield PCT. The course was delivered by Peter Coia, Psychologist at the Horizon Centre in Wakefield.

The course was really interesting, both from a management and practitioner point of view. We learnt different ways to communicate with service users that are non-verbal. The most important thing was that we needed to observe the service user, watching their facial expressions as well as their body movement when they are participating in tasks/activities; this is to get an understanding of how a service user expresses their feelings whether they are happy, sad, anxious etc. Towards the end of the training I learnt a few things about myself, including not to be too self-conscious about my interaction with service users i.e. singing, dancing, playing peek-a-boo etc

From a management perspective, I will hopefully be able to pass on what I have learnt to the staff team and guide them in the right direction in terms of ensuring that all their interactions with service users are valuable and positive."

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