Team success!

25th Apr 2012

At the core of every placement within Heathcotes is the aim to work with the person using our service in developing life skills, to enable them to move on into more independent living. We see ourselves as a stepping stone...

This is what one person said about our services...

 “ Hi my name is David , I have lived in care for about 14 years , I was a bit of a rebel and felt unsettled and upset, I moved constantly because of my behaviour, about 3 years ago I was placed with heathcotes care at their home in Knollbeck in Brampton Near Barnsley, I must admit I could be a bit of a hand full but staff persevered with me , with their help I finally began to realise that I could live independently , having a learning disability only means I need more time and understanding , the staff at heathcotes taught me that I can do whatever it takes to better myself if I take the time and listen, I have now left care and have my own flat, which I am very proud of, I am still trying to find a job but because of the way staff have helped me prepare I’m not as scared , now I have left heathcotes I understand what staff at Knollbeck  taught me helped me and made me realise that I can survive out of care , I enjoyed my time at heathcotes the manager and staff were great and always helped me , even though I could be mischievous – I love them all to bits “

Lynsey Hutson Registered Manager at Heathcotes Knollbeck said "I was really touched to read what David had said. He was a very complex individual and I am proud at how hard David and my team worked this is a true success story. I wish David every success in his future life" 

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