Heathcotes launch new employee benefits

13th Sep 2012

Here at the Heathcotes Group, we've been considering ways to deliver additional benefits for our employees, to acknowledge the hard work and dedication they demonstrate on a daily basis.

After analysing the results of our recent Stakeholder Survey, the following new initiatives have been launched:


Colleague of the Month

A 'Colleague of the Month' will be selected by staff and service users in each of our homes; from these, an organisational 'Colleague of the Month' will be picked by the Senior Management Team and will receive a £100 gift token for the outlet of their choice. Each monthly winner will be entered into a draw to receive a special 'Employee of the Year' award, the first of which will be decided in December 2012.


Employee Welfare Fund

With immediate effect, qualifying employees will be eligible to apply for modest welfare grants, to assist in times of hardship.


Employee Recognition

All Heathcotes employees achieving a qualification sponsored by the organisation, such as the new QCF Diploma, or reaching a length of service milestone, will receive a letter from the Managing Director, thanking them for the their loyalty and dedication to the organisation.


Brendan Kelly, Head of Operations, said, "Individually these may seem like small things, but we feel it's important to create a culture that recognises the amazing small things that happen in alll of our services on a daily basis!"


Emma Bugby, Registered Manager of Heathcotes Oadby on hearing news of the new initiatives said, "This is fantastic! I've already passed on details to my team and they're really pleased that the organisation has listened to the things they said in the recent employee survey."


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