Wayne's story

26th Sep 2012

Wayne lives at Heathcotes Bridlington and having been in an amazing journey to recover his independence and quality of life, was keen to share his story; here it is, his own words:

"Hi my name is Wayne and I have got PWS (Prader-Willi syndrome).

I lived at home with my family where the disorder caused me to eat excessively. While my mum was at work I would steal food and spend all my money in bakeries. Sometimes I would buy 48 bags of crisps and eat them all in one go. Because of this my weight went up to 33 stone. Because I was so overweight I struggled to walk. I had so much weight on my chest that I got a throat infection which then turned into pneumonia. I was admitted to hospital to the isolation unit. My family were very worried about me as I was seriously ill. I was in hospital for a long time until I had lost some weight.

When I was discharged from hospital in June 2010 I moved to Heathcotes Bridlington (Putney House) which is a special place for people with PWS. When I moved in I was 28 stone, I still couldn’t walk and the staff had to do everything for me. I have 14 hours a day of 1:1 support which means I can go out when I like and do whatever activities I want to do. I have begun swimming again which was something I couldn’t do for years as my mobility was so poor. Because of the staff support I get and the healthy diet I am on I have lost an enormous amount of weight. I now weigh 14 stone and 5lbs. I can do everything for myself now and I can walk miles! All this is down to my family for the support they show me, the staff at Heathcotes Bridlington who have helped me lose all this weight, helping me learn how to walk again and also down to myself, for following advice and guidance and working hard to get where I am today."

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