Colleague of the Month - December 12

1st Jan 2013

We are pleased to annouce that our Employee of the Month for December 2012 is Ashley Spendiff of Heathcotes Arnold!

Ashley was nominated by his colleagues and Manager, for his outstanding efforts as Acting Deputy Manager while the home manager Rachel Whiteman was away on leave; he managed extremely capably, dealing with every issue that arose with calm professionism. He is always approachable and has a kind, caring and positive manner. He works well with all service users, and is always full of fresh new ideas. Ashley has recently encouraged service users to take part in decorating their own bedrooms and has suported them with fundraising events - on one occasion he supported service users to hold a stall at the Hoovring Fair, when they raised £46.00 for Shepherd School Charity. Rachel said, "I would also like to add that since starting with Heathcotes Care as a Support Worker in June 2010, Ashley has really developed in his career. He has grown in confidence and having completed his NVQ2, Ashley was promoted in July 2011 to Team Leader, and has now started his NVQ3. He is a real assett to the company and I'm proud to have him on my team."

Ashley received his £100 gift vouchers from Regional Manager Allison Stafford and said, "I'm not sure what to say - I really enjoy my job and it's great to know that the people I work with appreciate what I do; I'm a bit lost for words!"

Other service based nominations were:

Heathcotes Phoenix – Oliver Gunshon

"Works well with service users and is very dedicated to his job."

"Always helpful and very good with service users."

"Always happy to help with all clients in all houses, with all jobs."

"Willing to help, friendly and approachable - has good working relationship with all service users."

"Oliver is very friendly and always makes you feel comfortable and at ease. He is always eager to help and is excellent with our service users - a great guy!"

Heathcotes Sawley – Wayne Grayson

"Helped out without complaint or without prompt to support whilst fitting into new role."

"Because he’s the best!"

Heathcotes Glenfield – Paige

"We work well together and always help each other out."

"Works really hard and very flexible too."

"Wants to learn, always willing to stay for overtime, works well with staff and service users."

"Because she’s always in a good mood, helps people as much as she can and always working hard when in training for team leading, and would make a brilliant team leader!"

Heathcotes Kirby Muxloe – Gail Rawles

"Gail Rawles for all her efforts in getting medications  reviewed and networking with local practice manager, re long term issues."

"For her home making and activity planning."

Heathcotes Hucknall & Watnall – Sarah Lycett

She goes above and beyond her duties. Sarah comes to work with the same passion and commitment and it’s great to see the positive impact she has made both for service users and the staff team."

Sarah quickly assumed responsibility during my holiday and it is always a manager’s fear of that first day back and wondering what I would face, but I was met with such an eager smile, wanting me to see what changes she had made to the home. Sarah had done so much in her own time without  even asking for extra time off.

Sarah has helped me immensley with setting up Heathcotes Mansfield, again going beyond her duties and always going that extra mile.

She certainly is a great asset!

Heathcotes Wakefield - Kevin Wilburn Jr

"For being willing and flexible, always wanting the best for service users, keen to try new things, a great team player who everyone gets on with, helping out other homes (Whitley) in need, and being an all round good egg!"

Heathcotes Blackburn - Rob Hartley

"For getting everyone in the Christmas spirit with his decorations within the home and motivating both staff and service users."

Heathcotes Knollbeck - Sherrie Wilson

"A hard working and good all round member of staff - willing to work and support the service users to reach their potential, attending college and activity groups."

Heathcotes Eversley - Donna Peters

"She has gone above and beyond - she has supported me with the recruitment and setting up process. She has also been instrumental in supporting MS in settling in. She has taken a PCA and has promoted a relaxed and warm approach to M, which has had a positive impact. To be honest she has been my right hand man! And is worth her weight in gold!"

Well done to all the nominated employees!


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