Up, up, up... And down!

12th Mar 2013

Staff and service users from Heathcotes Oadby have been thrill seeking recently with an adventure to Alton Towers; armed with supplies and cash for treats they pulled away from Heathcotes Oadby ready for what lay ahead, only for the home's trusty Ford Galaxy to be in need of a refill!  After a false start they were off, prepared for a long drive ahead with a rather excited Laura leading the group in a sing-along to Abba, S Club 7 and the standard Disney tunes!  Her 'melodic' rendition of Wonderwall however was met with a cheeky, but some might say accurate, verdict of ‘Woeful’ from judge Lisa.

Upon arrival at Alton Towers the gtroup entered the world of thrilling rides that lay before them.  After some deliberation over the best places to go and with Laura and Jonathan, wide-eyed with excitement, they queued up for the 'Sonic Spinball' accompanied by Abbi and Chenille who were equally as eager to ride the giant orange pinball-style rollercoaster. Between Jonathan’s running commentary of the ‘Up, up, up... AND DOWN!’ rollercoaster and Laura’s excited squeals of delight, the group left the ride and met with Lisa and Ella all in hysterics on a high from the first exhilarating ride.

After a little bit of persuasion from the staff, Ella decided that she would like to experience the 'Mutiny Bay Pirate Waltzers' so the group headed off for a walk around the stunning Alton Towers lake on a mission to show Ella the thrill of theme park rides. With Lisa, Ella and Jonathan in one waltzer and Laura, Abbi and Chenille in another, the group were ready for some serious spinning!  As the ride sped up, Jonathan leant his head back whooshing round and round while both Ella and Laura could be heard squealing with delight as the ride span faster and faster!  With a thirst for more excitement, Ella once again joined the rest of the group on the 'Runaway Mine Train' and over the whoops of excitement from other revellers, could be heard screaming ‘I love this!’; it was a pleasure to see her enjoying herself after her initial fear of the unknown.

Due to the fact that the Alton Towers 'Sky Ride' was out of use for the day, the gang left the 'Mine Train' and headed off for a picturesque walk around the park on a mission to tackle some of the more terrifying rides. Taking a detour through the newly built Sea Life Centre, both Ella and Laura thoroughly enjoyed gazing at the huge tanks and clear waters full of brightly coloured fish, small sharks and smiling string rays.

On arrival at the 'Nemesis', unfortunately Laura didn’t quite meet the height requirements, despite her insistence and determination to, but she took the initial disappointment well and happily involved herself in cheering and laughing along while Abbi and Chenille accompanied Jonathan on the huge rollercoaster.  Jonathan sat with the biggest smile on his face as the barriers came down; locking the three of them in with nowhere to go but 'Up, up, up... AND DOWN!'.  High on the buzz of riding one of Alton Towers classics, Lisa and Chenille took Jonathan for the final ride of the day on the notorious 'Air' to experience the butterflies of flying over the park!  Underestimating just how close to flying they may actually be, Lisa decided that it was best to pop her glasses in her pocket for safe keeping!  Laura and Ella sat and kept a close eye on everyone’s belongings waiting to see if they could spot Jonathan, Lisa and Chenille on 'Air'.  Though incredibly fast, Chenille’s scream of ‘Abbiiii...’ as they went passed managed to raise an impressive amount of laughter from all involved!

Exhausted from excitement and with a few hungry tummies that needed filling, the group left the theme park giddy and fulfilled after an action-packed day and headed to a nearby pub.  Here they enjoyed a feast of fish and chips and Laura’s favourite 'big big burgers'!  Lisa, Abbi, Chenille, Ella, Laura and Jonathan enjoyed a relaxed meal and drinks before returning to the car to embark on the journey home - serenaded as expected by Laura, satisfied and with fond memories of a fabulous day out!

At Heathcotes believe that individuals have a fundamental right to access the roles, relationships and activities that are important to them.  All activities and opportunities are tailor made and include the following:

  • Hobbies & pastimes e.g. fishing
  • Sporting activities e.g. rugby and football
  • Cookery
  • Access to local community facilities
  • Home visits
  • Celebration of life events
  • Education and vocational training
  • Life skills development
  • Spiritual needs
  • Employment  - paid and voluntary

From simple house chores to cutting the grass or attending a football match, our programmes give real choice.  For information about Heathcotes and the services we provide, please contact  us through the website here or call us on 01246 556453.


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