Fundraising Fun at Heathcotes!

26th Mar 2013

Every two years, thousands of people do something 'Funny for money' on Red Nose Day, in a bid to raise money for Comic Relief; a charity helping to change countless lives across UK and Africa.

In our effort to do our bit for this fantastic cause, Heathcotes staff across the services including Heathcotes Glenfield and Heathcotes Eversley, as well as staff from Head Office, dressed down for the occasion and came to work for the day - in pyjamas and 'onesies'! 

Any embarrassment went out of the window as our girls from Head Office embraced their new looks; not only in the office, but also on the commute to work, whilst out buying lunch and answering the door to a rather bemused-looking delivery driver!  Their efforts were kindly repaid with generous donations received from family and friends, as well as members of the public, local police.... and even the bemused (but impressed) delivery driver!

Heathcotes Head Office even set about involving Heathcotes' Director, David Harrison who tasked our HR Administrators, Vicki Ward and Beth Saunders with sourcing him a onesie.  Due to (what we shall call) a 'technical hitch' (or a distinct lack of adult male onesies for sale in Chesterfield!) 'Mission Onesie' unfortunately failed.  However, not to be defeated, Vicki and Beth employed their improvisation skills and decided to give David a Comic Relief 'make-over'.  As you can see, David is thrilled with his new look, in fact we all think it suits him so much, we are hoping he decides to keep it up:


Mick Murphy, Training Co-ordinator was so impressed, he was inspired to emulate David's new look:


Here is Director of Operations, Brendan Kelly kick starting the onesie-wearing action:


And a few more pictures from the day's fundraising that took place across the Heathcotes services:


Heathcotes would like to say a huge thank-you to everybody who got involved with the fundraising and to all who kindly donated to Heathcotes 'Onesie Friday' in aid of Red Nose Day 2013!


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