Colleague of the Month

28th Mar 2013

We are pleased to annouce that our Colleague of the Month for February 2013 is Tom Tinker of Heathcotes New Mills!

Tom was nominated by several of his colleague as well as his manager, who had this to say about him:

"Tom is alway smiling and happy.  Tom works really well with the service users; he is hard working and works well within the team.  Tom is a young man who has worked at New Mills since January 2012; he is a very polite young man and is always respectful towards others, he works well with the service users and always puts their needs first.  Tom is a great role model for any new staff who come to work at Heathcotes New Mills.  When Tom supports the service users it shines through how much they like him; he always encourages the service users to be independent as possible and empowers them to make choices in their life to ensure they experience new opportunities, if they so wish. Tom also supports the service user to develop any existing skills within the home."

Tom receives £100 gift vouchers for the store of his choice.  Congratulations to Tom from all at Heathcotes!

 Other nominations for February were:


Justine Moffatt, Heathcotes Glenfield

" Justine never complains, always gets on and is always on the ball. She’s constantly helpful, never has a lazy day and is so easy to get along with"

"Really enjoy being on shift with her."

"She Never moans, keeps busy, works well with service users and always tries to help everyone out."

"Works well with service users, is very energetic and warms the house up."

"Works hard.  Always willing to help."


Laura Daly, Heathcotes Kirby Muxloe 

Nominated by her colleagues and manager for setting up Twitter for the staff and getting the whole team excited about Twitter and generating lots of photographs which are being used for PC.


John Hunt, Heathcotes Knollbeck

"We nominate John for supporting AH to achieve his NAPPI award."


Becki Yardley, Heathcotes Bridlington

"Becki is a Team Leader in Bridlington and has been a valued employee for 10 years.  Through this time Becki has mentored new staff members, undertaken supervisions, supported staff members in any way possible and has provided a high standard of care to meet the service users’ needs".


Adel Craven, Heathcotes Balby

Nominated for her team work by her colleagues as well as her positive attitude.


'Flash', Heathcotes Whitley

"Flash transferred to Whitley just before December - this was initially to help get things up and running smoothly. Since December Flash has really enjoyed working here and has now transferred permanently.  Flash as a team leader sets a great example and is a very loyal, highly skilled and an all-round trustworthy employee.  Flash has also recently taken on his Level 5 qualification which will just add to his knowledge and skills even more!"


Robert Hartley, Heathcotes Blackburn

"For transforming an unused space at Heathcotes Blackburn into a sensory room.  Robert took into account each and every service user’s individual needs when designing the room and gave special though to each person."


Glen Steyn, Heathcotes Wakefield

"Glen is nominated for doing a fantastic job supporting the transition of a new service user who exhibits extremely challenging behaviour. Glen has built a fantastic, trusting relationship with this individual and without Glen’s input the service package would have been very vulnerable. Glen has put himself in physical danger when supporting this individual and has done so with great braveness and calmness. He has managed to divert this person from dangerous incidents and helped protect himself and others." 


Nikky Andrews, Heathcotes Arnold

"Nikky has been fantastic, already showing confidence with service user group.  Made fantastic progress working with RC during difficult times. She has been very complementary with the support she has received from the company, home and training.  She quickly assumed responsibility and is showing positive outcomes for people who live at Arnold.  She has had previous experience of working with a poor care provider and she is astounded by the level of care and support our service users receive."


Claire Wisher, Heathcotes Sawley

Nominated for her organisation of Autism Awareness with ideas for 'Summer at Sawley' with enthusiasm and working on own initiative


Well done to all of February's nominees from all at Heathcotes!


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