Fun in the Sun

10th May 2013

Ella and Laura from Heathcotes Oadby have recently enjoyed a week-long holiday to Majorca, supported by Heathcotes staff members Charlotte and Abbi.  Here is the story of their travels:


Bright and early on Saturday 20 April, Charlotte and Abbi  arrived at Heathcotes Oadby packed and ready for their trip to Majorca with Laura and Ella.  After a busy start to the day checking bags and after missing the correct turnoff from the motorway, the girls arrived at the airport!  After check-in the girls wasted no time in taking advantage of the shopping facilities at Birmingham airport, trying on hats, palm tree sunglasses and sparkly tiaras before filling their tummies ready for take-off.  Both nervous and excited, Laura, Ella, Abbi and Charlotte boarded their flight to Majorca armed with supplies and blankets .A long four-hour journey later and the four girls arrived in stunning Cala Bona, Majorca. Tired from their travelling the girls had some pizza before heading to bed, excited for what lay ahead.

The girls awoke to a beautiful sunny morning in Majorca and following a walk into Cala Bona for supplies, they decided to check out the facilities and were met with a huge swimming pool with a bridge and small pool which was just right for Laura.  Ella wasted no time in jumping straight into the clear water, her satisfied grin not preparing Charlotte for the ice-bath that awaited!  She established that the only way to get past the initial shock was to jump in the deep end and tread water like her life depended on it!  Laura and Abi decided it would be far more fun to bask in the glorious sunshine instead!   A lovely afternoon followed consisting of relaxing, playing etch-a-sketch, completing word searches and listening to music, after which the girls returned to the apartment and dressed themselves up to walk to the harbour for dinner.  Laura’s fancied lasagne, so the girls first restaurant call of the week was for an Italian, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. After a busy and tiring first day, the girls took a slow walk through the harbour back to the apartment and relaxed watching TV before heading to bed full, satisfied and in great moods.


By day two and three it was essential that the girls checked out what else the hotel had to offer. Unsurprisingly, Laura’s face lit up when we discovered a humongous pirate ship with slides and gadgets! Even Ella was happy to join Laura in the still freezing cold water for some imaginative pirate play before chilling out in the shade for a nap. Not only were the facilities highly satisfactory but all four girls had started to become friendly with the Thomson staff who regularly wandered the pool area looking for willing victims to play water polo, take part in the quiz and the 4pm dancing. The staff were joined by a rather large pooch, Thomson the dog, who made a best friend in both Laura and Ella who waited eagerly at 2pm every day for his arrival so they could have cuddles and photos. With a bit of persuasion,

 Abbi and Charlotte reluctantly agreed that is was perhaps time to start engaging in the hotel activities and by the evening of day two the four girls took part in ‘Quizioke’. Their earlier reluctance however soon became excitement and full involvement in the entertainment; singing loudly (and badly, occasionally even into the microphone), running around to take part in games and both Laura and Ella were loving the choice of music. A Heathcotes Girls rendition of, and dance to, Abba – Dancing Queen was completely necessary and warranted Laura’s trademark hair whipping!

By mid-week the four girls were thoroughly enjoying their holiday, taking routine walks to the harbour and the local shop, trying out new restaurants for dinner and taking part in the hotel entertainment. During one of their daily walks, Ella decided that she quite fancied a Chinese for dinner. Enjoying the warm evening air the girls sat and enjoyed the sea-view and a good natter.As the end of the week drew closer the girls were still enjoying the hot weather and time out to relax and catch some sun.  A very nice neighbour had offered us their lilo and both Ella and Laura were excited to get using it in the pool. Ella, still not bothered by the cool water, was having a great time relaxing on the lilo in the pool and having a laugh with the hotel reps.  Laura was still reluctant to use the big pool, but took her turn with the lilo in the small pool, splashing and laughing. By this time it had become a daily job that the girls took part in the 4pm dance class with the reps and both Ella and Laura had picked up some killer moves to take back with them to Heathcotes.

On the last day emotions were running a little high and while an eager Ella was packed and patiently waiting to spend a lazy day by the pool, Laura was less happy to leave the apartment and looked set to make a permanent move!  After a little persuasion from Charlotte and Abbi that it may be Laura’s last chance to say goodbye to her new friend, Thomson the dog, the girls were ready to be heading home. The four girls enjoyed their last quiz, final cuddles with Thomson and filling meal by the pool before it was time to make the transfer to Palma airport. After a cheeky nap on the coach and check-in, the girls made the most of their last few hours in Spain by checking out the duty free, buying sweets and toys to take home. 

Exhausted from their busy week in Majorca, the four girls returned to the UK to be met by Emma and Maninder, still full of excitement and with lots of fun stories to tell to!

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