Going for Gold

28th May 2013

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A 2-day leadership and management training event which was planned, organised and delivered by Heathcotes Learning, in partnership NAPPI UK took place on 16 and 17 May at Scalford Hall in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.  Titled 'Going for Gold', the aims of the event were to ensure consistent application of NAPPI as a philosophy and skill set across the organisation, and foster “esprit de corps” among Heathcotes managers; reinforcing common goals and vision.

Heathcotes Group is a NAPPI Centre of Excellence and we have worked hard to encourage a high standard of support and accompanying ethos among our staff.  Our record of restraint reduction and working with service users to achieve positive life outcomes bears testament to this.

However, we recognised that there was a potential gap between what we were delivering in terms of NAPPI training, and the level and consistency at which this was being applied at service level.  Our pre-event survey indicated multiple examples of good practice, but also a variation of knowledge and understanding of NAPPI at service manager level.   

Therefore Day 1 consisted of an intensive management workshop delivered by Scott Edwards from NAPPI UK.  Managers re-visited a number of core NAPPI practices and principles.  Through discussion and practical exercises these were brought to life and lessons learned subsequently incorporated into regional action plans the following day. 

Scott had this to say:

"My thanks to you and the team for such a warm welcome.  I heard many views of NAPPI throughout the day – most of them complimentary.  I was naturally delighted with the interest shown in the Amber section of our PBS model and look forward to adding this to the trainers portfolio at the earliest opportunity.  Today’s workshop was a fine example of working in partnership”.

The following morning (cold and dank!) found all our managers limbering up before tackling a number of practical tasks over an obstacle course to test their problem solving, planning, leadership and motivational skills.  The photographs tell their own story!  Despite the weather, and complexity of the tasks they faced, everyone responded admirably, and very definitely rose to the challenge when things got difficult.

All participants afterwards were given the opportunity to reflect on the highs and lows of the morning, give honest feedback to their colleagues and decide how to apply lessons learned in the operational arena, as well as discussing how to recognise, maintain and improve key leadership behaviours.

Brendan Kelly, Director of Operations said afterwards:

“…your energy, enthusiasm and willingness to both learn and teach was very inspiring – David and I commented afterwards how privileged we felt to be surrounded by so many positive people and to know that, formidable as you are, we are all on the same team!”

“I would also like to acknowledge the hard work and organisation of Mick and the Learning Team, including the co-opted members of that team, who worked so hard to make the event a success; the administration, organisation and planning of the event were top drawer and enabled us to get the most out of the time we had together.”

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