Essential Standards Update

21st Jun 2013

The Heathcotes Group has hosted unannounced inspections at 13 locations over the past year and our results have been extremely positive - 11 locations have been judged to be 100% compliant, with no 'concerns' at any level, and where concerns have been expressed, they have been moderate and easy to resolve.

Below is a selection of comments from Care Quality Commision inspection reports, full versions of which can be found on the CQC website:

Heathcotes Knollbeck

  • All care plans were detailed and included people’s individual preferences and abilities. The care plans were reviewed regularly, to make sure they reflected any changes in people’s needs.
  • We saw positive interaction between people using the service and the staff.
  • When we asked people if they liked living at the home they told us they did. One person said they “couldn’t wish for better”.
  • During our visit we saw staff supporting people in an inclusive way.
  • The people we spoke to about staff were very positive stating that staff were helpful, encouraging and understanding.
  • The people we spoke to said that felt safe in the home.

Heathcotes Aylestone

  • When we spoke with staff they confirmed that sufficient numbers of staff were available to provide the necessary levels of support. There was always a senior member of staff on shift.
  • When we spoke with relatives of people using the service they confirmed that they felt able to raise any concerns should they have any. One relative told us that they had had the occasion to raise a small query with the manager and this had been dealt with promptly and effectively.
  • People were supported by staff members in the communal areas and were receivingsupport with the tasks they needed.

Heathcotes Whitley

  • One relative told us that, “The home are dealing perfectly with my relative’s needs”.
  • All staff were seen to have a warm, and friendly manner towards people that used the service, to know them well and be well aware of their individual needs and preferences.

Heathcotes Sawley

  • We found alternative methods had been employed to encourage a change to the person's pattern of behaviour.
  • People who use the service were protected against the risk of unlawful or excessive control or restraint because the provider had made suitable arrangements.
  • We found the new manager had made efforts to ensure good practice developments were transferred to daily thinking as part of the way staff worked with people. For example, people were encouraged to help around the home. They worked alongside staff with the decoration of the home. We saw photographs of them all working together.

Heathcotes Arnold

  • We spoke with two relatives of a person using the service. They told us they were impressed with the care being provided by the service. They said, "[Our relative] has started to interact more and be involved in more activities."
  • We also saw that people using the service took part in the recruitment procedures. They were involved in the interview process, asking questions and commenting on whether they wanted the person to be employed by the service.
  • We spoke with two relatives of a person using the service. They said, "There are enough staff on duty and they always take time to talk with us."

Tracy Mason, Operations Manager for the Heathcotes Group, said, “Our increased focus on Quality Assurance is, in my view, reflected in our recent inspections; we’re achieving close to 100% compliance and where there are issues, we respond quickly and decisively to correct them. I’m really proud to have been a part of that and I look forward to driving the process even further over the coming year.”

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