'Fowl' Play at Heathcotes Oadby...

23rd Aug 2013

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Heathcotes Oadby have recently welcomed Ashley, the newest resident to the service in Leicestershire.  Ashley, who has moved in to the home's self-contained flat, has very quickly settled into his new home, building good relationships with both staff and peers and enjoying exploring the new environment.  However, for Ashley, there was just something missing for him to be able to feel truly at home - chickens! 

A keen animal lover, Ashley expressed a wish to keep some chickens at the home, so Heathcotes Oadby support staff and Ashley got to work on the chicken coup in the garden, where  Ashley's feathered friends 'Tom' and 'Jerry' have now taken up residence in their new abode.  Tom and Jerry are lovingly cared for by Ashley, who has enthusiastically taken on full responsibility for all their needs, including cleaning and feeding.

Keeping his pet chickens has also inspired Ashley to become more involved with caring for animals and he has recently begun a volunteering job at a local farm in Leicester.

Heathcotes Oadby Home Manager, Donna Hatcher said, 'It's great to see how well Ashley is settling into his new home.  He really enjoys the responsibility of caring for the animals and gets a lot out it, and of course the chickens are a welcome addition!  I look forward to exploring more opportunities with Ashley, both in his home and out in the community.'

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