Growing our own!

1st Oct 2013

Trainee Home Manager Tia Cain has been in post at Heathcotes Mansfield for just over 6 months.  Starting with the company several years ago, Tia began her career in care as a support worker at Heathcotes Sawley, before progressing to acting Team Leader and then Team Leader at the Derbyshire service, before most recently progressing to take on the challenge of Trainee Home Manager at Heathcotes Mansfield.  Tia has found the experience to be a learning curve, not without its challenges.  However, after lots of hard work and dogged determination, Tia recently presided over a CQC inspection that found the service to be fully compliant with the Essential Standards of Quality and Safety. As a result, Tia is now set to undergo official registration to become the Registered Manager of Heathcotes Mansfield.  The Trainee Manager Scheme is a relatively new venture for Heathcotes Care, so Tia's journey is a fantastic demonstration of the benefits of the scheme.

Here is Tia's story, in her own words:

"I worked at a butchers full time for 2 years before coming to work for Heathcotes.  A staff member and service users from Heathcotes Sawley used to come in for their weekly shop and I would spend time talking to them and to the staff member. I said to myself one day, 'I want to do that job – it looks brilliant'. So I set about applying for the position of support worker."

"A year later I started at Heathcotes Sawley. I completed lots of training courses and settled into my support worker role. After a year or so, I was made up to Acting Team Leader, which was a fantastic opportunity for me to learn the role of a Team Leader. Shortly afterwards, I completed my Diploma level 2; I continued in my role as Acting Team Leader for a further year until I made the decision to move to bank staff. I began my Diploma 3 and I continued to cover many shifts whilst also working as a Personal Assistant for a young disabled woman, which was a fantastic experience that taught me a lot. I then returned to Sawley full time and was successful in applying for a Team Leader post. I continued team leading and assisting the Manager as much as I could, learning new skills along the way. A Deputy Manager post then came up at Heathcotes Hucknall & Watnall and I applied for that, with success. Most recently, I applied for the Trainee Manager role at Heathcotes Mansfield and after a tough 6 months, lots of hard work and a fantastic support team, I am now confirmed in post and am delighted to hear that I am now able to start my registration with the CQC!”

To add to her recent success, Tia has recently been approached and asked to speak at a seminar following the fantastic work she has achieved completing her NVQ.  Tia will give a talk to around 20-30 delegates from all sectors of Health and Social Care, with the theme of the event being CQC inspections/standards.  Tia will address the delegates, covering her personal journey to becoming a manager, how care assistants or support workers can contribute to meeting CQC standards, how team leaders/supervisors can contribute to meeting CQC standards, how management can contribute to meeting CQC standards and anything else relevant around CQC inspections. 

Congratulations Tia on your fantastic achievements, from all at Heathcotes.

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