New activity space opens at Hucknall and Watnall

10th Oct 2013

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On Monday September 30, Heathcotes Hucknall and Heathcotes Watnall celebrated the official opening of their new activities hut.  It was a really successful day with family and friends coming along to join in the fun.  Service users and guests enjoyed the many activities on offer, including a bouncy castle, decorating cupcakes, arts and crafts, our fantastic pets corner which included a skunk, a meerkat, Burmese python, rabbit, and two different varieties of tortoise.  The kitchens were open for snacks and refreshments, which of course always draws the crowds!

Heathcotes Hucknall and Watnall enjoy a good relationship with the local police who brought along a state of the art prototype police vehicle which is new to the force.  Uniformed officers were also on hand.  The service users certainly enjoyed this, evidenced by people talking to the police and exploring the police vehicle, with a sit in the driving seat proving most popular!

SMT members David Harrison and Brendan Kelly were also in attendance, with never-trepid David even holding the python!  Both Brendan and David took part in making a flag in the activity room itself, with evidence of the day's fun leaving a lasting imprint thanks to David's paint-stained hands!  Staff members from Head Office were also on hand to show their support.  The day's fun rolled over into late evening, with some finishing the successful event with a good old karaoke session.

Home Manager, Sarah Lycett said, 'I would like to say thank you to all my staff involved with making the day possible; a lot of work has gone into preparing for the day’s events.  Thank you to the Nottinghamshire police for helping us educate our service users and giving them a fantastic experience.  And last but not least all our service users and service users from other homes that attended for making this day special.  The activity hut is a fantastic addition of space to the service.   The multi-purpose hut will provide many more opportunities for our service users and I can't wait to use it to its full potential'.



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