'Heathcotes Hero'

15th Oct 2013

When Matthew from Heathcotes Glenfield suffered a seizure whilst crossing a busy road, staff member Celson Patricinio's quick thinking actions meant that Matthew was prevented from further risk of injury from the day's heavy traffic commuting on the single carriageway.  Out supporting Matthew in the community, Celson has received training from Heathcotes to assist Matthew who suffers from epilepsy, should he suffer a seizure.  However, when Matthew collapsed in the middle of the busy road, Celson jumped into action, selflessly putting himself at risk to stop the traffic and contain the emergency situation, ensuring that Matthew could safely receive the medical attention he required.

Matthew has since made a full recovery from his ordeal and whilst he doesn't remember much about what happened, he had this to say:

'Celson is a great man; he saved my life when I fell in the road.  I'm very glad Celson was around to help me.  The ambulance brought me back to Heathcotes Glenfield afterwards and said some good things about me, which was nice'.

Heathcotes Glenfield Home Manager, Veena Barot said, 'Celson put himself at risk to ensure Matthew's safety and he deserves some recognition because I think he is a total 'hero' - our Heathcotes Glenfield hero!'.

Director of Operations, Brendan Kelly added, 'Celson should be very proud of himself; despite all our training, incidents like this can be very scary, so the fact that he kept a cool head and did exactly the right thing is to his credit.  I would like to pass my personal appreciation to Celson - he is making a difference!'.




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