Facing the Fear

18th Oct 2013

Richard has lived at Heathcotes Watnall for 5 years.  Since a very early age, Richard has had a fear of transport.  This proved to be a significant obstacle, meaning Richard was unable to fully take advantage of opportunities in the community that would otherwise be open to him.

Support staff at Heathcotes Watnall have worked really hard with Richard over the past couple of years, in a bid to help him overcome his fear and last year, Richard successfully succeeded in travelling in the car, with staff support.  Richard is now able to journey in a car to visit his parents, go shopping and even go further afield, meaning he can now enjoy a holiday at the coast!

Following on from this success, staff have supported Richard with some desensitisation around public transport.  Armed with bags of bravery and the motivation of his earlier achievement, Richard has now been able to overcome his fear, and with support from staff last week embarked on his first ever tram ride into Nottingham City Centre!

Home Manager, Sarah Lycett said, 'Richard's fear of transport was really debilitating for him.  Previously unable to even sit in a car or on a bus, it meant Richard had a limited choice of activities he was able to access in the community, and was unable to take part in day trips and outings.  Our staff have worked really hard to support Richard overcome his fear and I am really proud of them all; now that Richard is able to use transport, it has opened up new doors for him.  He's done so well!'.



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