Getting back in the saddle

7th Nov 2013

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When Adele first came to Heathcotes, she was unsettled and reluctant to go out into the community.  Over the past year, staff have been working closely with Adele supporting her to manage her anxieties and feel more settled within her home.  Recently, staff discovered that Adele had previously enjoyed horseriding.  Whilst this would not have been possible a year or so ago, Adele has made such significant progress that after some discussion with her keyworkers, she agreed to go and visit the local riding stables.

Supported by Heathcotes Whitley staff, Adele headed down to the stables where she had a look round and met a few horses.  Whilst she was initially a little nervous and apprehensive, with a little encouragement Adele decided she would like to stroke the horses.  The visit was a great success and Adele enjoyed it so much she agreed to go back again and get involved with the grooming.  So a week later, Adele accompanied by support staff and home manager, Gemma Hollingsworth journeyed back to the stables.  Following her previous enjoyable visit, Adele was excited to see her new equine friends.  Once at the stables, after some initial encouragement and a practical demonstration by staff,  Adele decided she would like to ride!  Confidently, Adele mounted Sam the horse, buckled up and enjoyed a canter around the stable fields like an old pro!

Gemma said, 'Adele has made so much progress over the past year and has been so much more settled as a result.  Adele is now more willing to try different activities and it was fantastic to see her overcome her initial nerves, get back in the saddle and do something she really enjoys .'




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