Celebrity Surprise for Lindsay!

17th Apr 2014

Daniel and Lindsay 310x200 Daniel and Lindsay310x200

Lindsay has been living at Heathcotes Bridlington since 2004 and her love for the singer Daniel O'Donnell is well known - in fact, it could be said that Lindsay is a 'Superfan'!  The proud owner of every Daniel O'Donnell CD ever released and with many a poster adorning her walls, it's no surprise that a favourite pastime of Lindsay's is going to see her favourite singer live in action!  Lindsay has been lucky enough to briefly meet her idol in the flesh in the past, so when Heathcotes Bridlington staff heard that Daniel would be playing at The Spa in Bridlington last Wednesday, they set about arranging a surprise reunion for Lindsay and her hero.

When Lindsay arrived at the venue, she was taken backstage where she enjoyed a meet and greet with the man himself before the concert.  Lindsay was blown away when Daniel remembered her from their previous meeting!  Daniel spent several minutes chatting to Lindsay, and before hitting the stage to perform in front of Lindsay, and thousands of other adoring fans, the pair enjoyed singing a rendition of Daniel's hit song "Lucille" together.   

Home Manager, Joanne Coe said, 'Lindsay is an avid Daniel O'Donnell fan and we knew how much it would mean to her to come face-to-face with her hero again.  The staff did a wonderful job of setting up the surprise and Daniel was lovely, really taking time to talk to Lindsay.  Their duet really was the icing on the cake of a really memorable experience for Lindsay!'.


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