Neil walks the Corrie cobbles!

24th Apr 2014

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Neil from Heathcotes Agbrigg is a massive fan of the soaps.  Once the clock strikes 17:30 hours, Neil stops what he's doing and settles down to enjoy the early evening soap marathon, culminating in an episode or two of his favourite Coronation Street

When staff at Heathcotes Wakefield discovered that the famous 'Corrie Cobbles' were once again open to the public for a limited time, they sprung into action to organise a fantastic birthday surprise for our very own Soap Superfan, Neil! 

Supported by a member of staff from Wakefield, Neil travelled to Manchester by coach, staying in a nearby hotel for the night.  An excited Neil spent the day enjoying a tour around the famous soap set where he happily posed for pictures outside 'Roys Rolls' and 'Rita's 'Kabin', followed by a lovely pub lunch, although sadly this was not in the famous watering hole - and where all the drama happens - the 'Rovers Return'!  Neil was also lucky enough to meet not only some extras who've worked on the show, but also a co-writer of the Nation's oldest running soap.

Regional Manager, Amelia Hallas said, 'Neil is passionate about his hobby, so it was a lovely idea of Heathcotes Wakefield staff to arrange a visit to the set of his favourite soap as a birthday treat.  Neil had a fantastic and memorable day.  I'm so pleased we were able to facilitate this and support Neil on his trip to Manchester'. 





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