'Focus on Nutrition Day' at Heathcotes

12th Aug 2014

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Recently the East Midlands Region of the Heathcotes Group got together to hold a 'Focus on Nutrition Day'.  With diet and exercise recognised as an important factor for good physical health, we thought it would be a great opportunity to get together and share some ideas.  Each home was given a different brief on what they were to supply for the day, which was hosted in Heathcotes Hucknall's activity room.

Heathcotes Hucknall and Watnall had 'Low Fat Recipes and Cooking' for their brief and they did not disappoint!  They provided a fantastic selection of tasty home-cooked food with a lower fat content.

Heathcotes Arnold made some amazing soups and freshly-baked breads which were all nutritious options and there was lots left over for tea!

Carrington supplied low sin desserts including fresh fruit salads with low fat yoghurt, whilst Heathcotes Woodborough had 'Diabetes Cooking and Care' for their theme and produced a lovely banana loaf suitable for a diabetic diet.

Heathcotes Mansfield covered 'Hydration' and brought along a fantastic ideas board which they had produced to demonstrate just how much sugar can be hidden in drinks and gave out some nice tasting low sugar alternatives for everyone to sample.  Basford did a great job covering their topic of 'Vegan Foods'. 

Director of Operations, Brendan Kelly also got stuck in, excelling in the hula hoop demonstrations as part of the exercise information for the day!

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