Matthew the Karaoke King!

2nd Sep 2014

Karaoke Matt310x200

With the last of the summer sun seemingly a fading memory, and with a noticeable chill in the air over the past couple of days, Heathcotes Balby decided to spread a little sunshine of their own and get everyone smiling with some in-house activity, in the form of karaoke.. and unbeknownst to everyone at Balby, there was a karaoke star hiding in their midst! 

Matthew is generally quite a shy young man, but with some gentle encouragement from his supporters, a trepidatious Matthew stepped up to the microphone.  After a gentle warm-up, Matthew found his stride and began belting out the tunes, really showing everyone what he was made of!  Singing along to the lyrics on the screen, Matthew really came into his own and thoroughly enjoyed performing for the others, so much so that Matthew, staff and even Regional Manager Gemma Hollingsworth ended up doing a mammoth two-hour karaoke session!

Gemma said, "It is always a pleasure finding something that our more quiet service users really enjoy doing that brings them out of their shell.  I look forward to sharing the stage with Matthew again soon!".

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