New Mills grow their own!

7th Oct 2014

There is nothing better at Heathcotes than seeing our service users achieve the new goals that they set themselves and this is exactly what has been happening at Heathcotes New Mills recently.

Two of our service users decided that they wanted to have a go at growing their own tomatoes, so with the support of the team that is exactly what they did!  An area of the garden was picked out and designated as prime tomato growing land, before a trip to the shops to fetch all of their gardening gear, including the all important tomato seeds.  After careful preparation of the soil and the installation of some trellis, the seeds were proudly planted by our budding gardeners.

Never have tomato plants received such quality care and as you can see from the picture, a bumper crop of tomatoes are nearly ready to be harvested! 

Keep up the good work Heathcotes New Mills and we hope you very much enjoy eating the fruits of your labour!


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