Neil Goes Boating

18th Nov 2014


Neil has started a boat handling course this month and the team at Heathcotes Knollbeck have really enjoyed supporting Neil as he pursues his new hobby.  Neil has tried lots of new activities in the past, but nothing has gripped his interest - up until now!.

Neil spoke about wanting to have a go at boat handling so the team looked into what was available and found that Swinton Lock were running a course.  At the Lock Neil is learning how to steer a canal boat, work the locks and take the boat through safely.  It is a joy for the team to see how excited Neil is to go to his lesson each week after trying so many things without finding something he really enjoys.  Neil is enjoying socialising with others who are taking the course and on completion Neil will gain an accredited award with a chance to sign up for an advanced boat handling course.

So watch this space - Neil's Canal Boat Tours could be coming your way very soon!

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