The Darling Buds of Mansfield

4th Aug 2015


 The Darling Buds of Mansfield


Service users and staff at Heathcotes Mansfield have been busy creating a decorative flower display which now sits in reception at our Chesterfield Head Office. Service users were challenged to create a decorative piece to brighten up the reception area and Heathcotes Mansfield were first to rise to the challenge, naming their creation as The Darling Buds of Mansfield. The display is accompanied by a poem which describes how service users and staff worked together to create the display.  Take a look at the poem below which ends by nominating Heathcotes Wigston to design the next display. We look forward to seeing what they come up with!


Mansfield has been asked to do the first flower display

Giving our service users the choice, we picked our big day


H picked the flowers, whilst J picked the tree

We all got together and worked beautifully


In a pot, A arranged them and started to play

We hope that you like them, our beautiful display


Now displayed in reception, and all signed and sealed

We would like to call this the Darling Buds of Mansfield!


Over to Heathcotes Wigston, now it’s your turn

Flowers, textures and colours, there’s a lot for you to learn


We hope you enjoy it as much as we have

So here’s looking forward to the ideas of your service users and staff!

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