Shirley has a makeover

5th Apr 2016

shirley 2 Shirley

Shirley who lives at Heathcotes Whitley has recently enjoyed a make-up session with Benefit make-up consultants, who showed her how to choose and apply cosmetics to suit her face and skin tone.  Shirley has previously struggled to feel motivated with personal care, requiring lots of support and encouragement.  However, since moving to Heathcotes Whitley in early 2015, Shirley has made significant progress and has developed both her independent living skills and her self-confidence and with support from staff, she enjoyed being shown different products and even underwent a makeover.  Following the session, Shirley has enjoyed putting what she learnt at the session into practice and has been enjoying pampering and make-up sessions with staff at Heathcotes Whitley.

Service Manager, Lynsey Walsh said, "This is a really significant achievement for Shirley; when she first moved to Heathcotes Whitley, her self-esteem and confidence were low and she required a lot of support with personal care.   Shirley has worked really hard with staff over the last year and she has been working towards developing independent self-care skills.  Having done some work with staff to improve her self-confidence, Shirley has begun to show an interest in taking pride in her appearance.  Shirley really enjoyed being shown how to apply her makeup in a way that really suited her, which really gave her a further boost of confidence.  It's fantastic to see how much progress Shirley has made over the last year and it's great to see her feeling good about herself."

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