Mental Health Awareness Week

20th May 2016

mental health week 2 (4)

16th - 22nd May is Mental Health Awareness Week.  Marking it's 16th year since being established in 2000 by charity Mental Health Foundation, the theme of this year's MHAW is 'Relationships'.  The charity are calling on people to commit to maintaining good relationships with friends, family and colleagues.

Why relationships?  Mental Health Foundation explains this year's theme:

"We believe we urgently need a greater focus on the quality of our relationships. We need to understand just how fundamental relationships are to our health and wellbeing. We cannot flourish as individuals and communities without them. In fact, they are as vital as better-established lifestyle factors, such as eating well, exercising more and stopping smoking.  Good relationships help us live longer and happier lives with fewer physical and mental health problems."

This week Heathcotes Woodborough have been talking about the role of pets as therapy in mental health.  The simple act of stroking a pet is well known to lower blood pressure, reducing physical as well as emotional stress.  Today Tommy the Mealy Amazon has been to Heathcotes Woodborough to spend time with our service users. 

Service Manager, Sarah Lycett said, 'At Heathcotes Woodborough, we have 2 resident budgies whose presence really help our service users to maintain a sense of calm and relaxation, through the acts of play and affection.  Caring for the birds not only gives individual sense of purpose, it also helps to bring a sense of community to our home, providing common ground to develop positive peer relationships.  Seeing our pets thrive provides everyone at Heathcotes Woodborough with a fantastic sense of achievement.  Today I welcomed Tommy for a visit and everyone has really enjoyed caring for him; he's welcomed the treats on offer and has expressed his appreciation by giving out high-fives!".

For information about our specialist mental health services, please contact our Commissioning Team on 01246 556453 or email,




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